504 Productions is an independent EDM music production company / record label that is located in New Orleans, La. We specialize in the electronic dance music genres of breakbeat, trance & neo freestyle.

We not only offer original music from great independent artists, but also services such as mixing & mastering, EDM  production, remix production, Hip Hop beats, vocal tuning, & vocal production. We also provide consulting to musicians who are just starting out.

We also provide logos & graphics. If you are in need of a stylish logo or an awesome CD cver, please click here.

We also provide many resources to the independent artist, producer, musician or DJ, such as; link directory, FL Studio tutorials, FL Studio templates, producer tools & samples.

Do you own a music related website? Then submit your link to our directory for review.

We also have free dance mix sets for the fans!

One of our services that we provide is professional dance music production to independent artists & record labels. We have produced maxi CD singles for labels for retail release. Also remixes for maxi single releases. Some of our remixes have seen Billboard such as "Lady" by Jim Davis Jr & "We Are Meant To Be" by Vincent Medugno.

We also provide mixing & mastering services for independent artists. If you want to have your new production mixed and mastered for the cleanest possible sound, try us out. We offer this service much cheaper than most other production companies.

504 Productions is also a top reseller for FL Studio!

We also offer shoutcast hosting.

As an independent record label we feature high quality dance music productions from a variety of producers. This allows us to offer several genres of dance music, instead of focusing only on one genre.

The artists on our roster produce original productions from genres of breakbeat, trance, freestyle, euro house and hip hop. This gives our label a distict sound in the dance music scene.

We are the home to Tears of Technology, a well known breakbeat artist from New Orleans, La. We also feature the artists; New Orleans Dan the Man, Amy Tori, 2da West, London Exchange, Vinss-T, DJ Kayden  & TNS.