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Cutting Mixes of Your Track
Written by Dan Carrone / Tip

Cutting various mixes of your track will always help you make more money off a single song. And the best part is it is easy. It for me is one of my favorite parts of production.

I start with the original club mix. My recent track banged out at 10 mins. So I have to cut it down. I need at least a club mix and 2 radio versions. You simply begin to cut out the parts that are not needed to shorten it.

Times of Various Mixes:

  • Radio Edit: 3:30 Minutes
  • Radio Mix: 4 to 5 Minutes
  • Album Mix: 4 to 6 Minutes
  • Club Mix: 5 to 10 Minutes

Each mix's time depends on the structure you create of the song.

For radio mixes, you get rid of the intros and outros......I love designing the radio mix intros. On Time Time by DJ Keri, both radio mixes have 2 different ways they start. One is instant and boom the beat....the other is slowly with vocals and just pads & piano. You can really get creative!

I will even mute the beat and dress up and synthapella mix for a "candlelight mix" or ballad.

Once you make several cuts of one track, you now have an extended EP. A EP that will sell for more than just 99 cents per song. Some will buy one version. Some will buy the whole EP. Either way, it is more money in your pocket!

Cut mixes of your tracks!

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