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Definition of a Remix
Written by Dan Carrone / Tip

According to Wiki: A remix is an alternative version of a recorded song, made from an original version. Remixing is the adoption, alteration, and recombination of pre-existing cultural texts (songs, literature, paintings, etc.) to create something new.

"Made from an original" is the words that stand out to me. Meaning that once a song is created first, every version after that song is a "remix". This has been the industry standard for decades. In modern times some producers feel they deserve more credit. Some producer title remixes they have created incorrectly. They will put their name first. Some will even have the nerve to put a featuring after their name and then the original artist name. They try to make it seem as if they have wrote something original for something that was an original.

Some examples would be:

  • Noob Producer featuring Nelly - Song Title
  • Noob Producer & Nelly- Song Title
  • Noob Producer - Song Title (Featuring Nelly)

All of these title are incorrect according to industry standards. The title should look like this: Nelly - Song Title (Noob Producer's I Am Lame Mix)

Any other altercation of the title is violating the rights of those who were the original creators of the song.

I hear some who will claim, "but I wrote all new music!". So what. You could not have wrote this new music without establishing the key & progressions from the original. Meaning you are a remixer. You have no rights to the track unless the original artist gives you those rights themselves. This means you cannot change the title of the song to reflect yourself in a better light. Nor can you remove the original artist name from the title.

Once a song has been published & released, and it is the very first version of that completed song, that song is now the original version. It is also protected by law once it is released. Every other version afterwards is a remix & should be treated as such.

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