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A Proper Remix Packet
Written by Dan Carrone / Tip

I wanted to share the proper way to share your song with other producers to have them remix your work. I have done many remixes for a wide range of artists. From independent to major label. Usually the major labels artist have the packets to the tee. They give you everything you will possibly need. I find many independents give you an acapella and tell you good luck.

A remix packet or kit should have several things. All very self explanatory. As a remixer, my first rule of thumb is too hold on to the essence of the original track. When I have to start from scratch and figure everything out, and build everything from scratch, then it is easier to lose the essence of the original. Not on that but a producer could write the wrong bass line progression of such. In which he then changes the song completely from the original.

In most of today's DAW's allow you to export your project as a zip file that contains all the data required to open that project on another computer. FL Studio offers this feature. This allows producers who use the same DAW to easily work with each other without much prep work for a remix kit. I master tracks for others and sometimes just get the zip from them of their project. Simply makes my job so much easier.

By using non-disclosure agreements, you can safely give someone a project file without worry.

A remix packet should contain the following material:
  • Acapella - The main acapella of the project. It is best to export this track with no effects. This way the producer can add his own FX. Always break down the vocals into tracks such as: Main Vocal Track, Ad Libs Track, Backing Vocal Track.

  • Vocal Samples - Include any vocal samples that are not part of the main vocals. YOu can leave your effects on for this track.

  • Tracks or Stems - Include the tracks or stems of your project. Break down the track into easy way to be understood. Such as: Bass Track, Lead Track, Drums Track, Pads Track and so on.

  • A Reference File - A reference file would be a mp3 of the original track. Something to give the producer an idea of what the song is supposed to sound like.

  • A Text File - You should alway include a text file with information such as:
    • BPM
    • Key of the Track
    • Chord Progression(s)
    • Any Instruction

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