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Remixing 101
Written by Dan Carrone / Tip

Recently after I remixed a few tracks, some of you guys who follow my doings asked me some questions about remixing. So I decided to give ya a few tips.

If you want to really learn how to remix tracks then you should remix pop songs you like from the radio. Acapellas are easy to come by on the Internet. Just have to hunt them down. Always try to use the highest quality recording you can find. 320 bit rate mp3's or the wav file.

When I say remix, I do not mean throw a beat behind a song. I mean find an acapella. Then either learn how to play the song on your own instrument or find a midi file of the notes and progressions of the melody. Most digital audio workstation's will import the MIDI file for you and place each progression on it's own channel. Depends on the DAW.

If you are trying to learn the song yourself, start with the bassline. It is your foundation along with the beat to any great track. Once you learn the bass line, you will understand the chord progressions, making learning the top parts much easier.

Begin to rebuild the entire song. Build a basic beat first and then add the bassline you just figured out. Then begin to add the upper elements.

When you add the acapella, make sure it is the same tempo or BPM of your project. Sometimes I will put the original mix of the song I am remixing in a track and line it up with my project. Then I am able to adjust the acapella and place it in perfect timing with the song & project. Just match the original recording.

When remixing, always try to keep the essence of the track. Most producers are more likely to dig what you have done if you mimic their structure of the song. By keeping the structure in place, you keep the very essence of the track that made people like it, making your remix just as enjoyable. Be careful going to far out there and experimenting on others tracks. People do not appreciate what you do not know. Only what you do. Save your experimenting for your original jams.

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Hope this helps!

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