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Musician Webmasters:
  • Free Flash Player - Need a nifty flash player that you can embed right into your website? Try this little gem out. This mp3 players is not only easy to use, it also comes in few different styles.

  • Free Mailing List - Fan Reach from Reverbnation, you can build your e-mail list and send out newsletters for free. Includes widgets for other sites for easy sign up.

  • GoDaddy $7.49 Domains - Domain Sale! $7.49 .com at GoDaddy...

  • GoDaddy Hosting Plans - I have been using GoDaddy for over ten years now. One great service that is very affordable.

  • Google Analytics - Some of the best stats for your website. Completely free.

  • iTunes Link Maker - Create fast easy links to all your releases on iTunes.

  • Jamroom - The musician community builder. If you want to create a music website like or if you just have a small label that you run, you can do it all with Jamroom. Basic installation knowledge of PHP required to use.

  • Wibiya Website Toolbar - Wibiya web toolbar is free & perfect for blogs, e-commerce sites, small businesses & others by providing access to innovative & useful web applications.

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