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504 offers affordable vocal tuning and vocal production. The mix down and production of your vocals can make or break a track. Our production team has over 10 years experience mixing, and tuning vocals. We can help wake up your vocals.

We can provide a solid mix down of all your vocals including main vocal, backing vocals, & adlibs. Or we can break these down for you into tracks for easier mixing into your current project.

SoundBetter PRO

Some of our Techniques Include:

  • Vocal Tuning: Naturally or Autotuned
  • Editing: Removing unwanted background noise & breaths.
  • Production: Compression plus other FX to waken your vocals up.

If your song calls for it, we can also create a falsetto track to help with filler of your vocals. Mixing a falsetto track with backing vocals can really make your vocals come to life. The best part about this technique is that you or your vocalist does not have to sing a falsetto track.

We can give your vocals that back verb effect. This is when you hear the vocal drag its way & fade in to the main vocal. You can hear it in many dance songs across different genres.

We can stutter / glitch / cut up your vocals. Widely used through music of many genres.

We have many techniques in our arsenal. If it is solid vocal tuning & production that you want, then please e-mail Dan for more information:

We offer this service for $25 per Hour. We bill 2 hours in advance. If there is any additional hours, you will be billed for them before you receive the master wav file.

We choose to use DropBox for easy access to your files. Please share a folder at DropBox to

Alternatively you can use our drop box @


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